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Yamasaki High School DAY BY DAY

Open High School Report

On the 17th and 18th of August, Yamasaki High School held their annual open high school days, for junior high school students interested in the “Academic Course”, to come and visit the school.

The open days allow junior high school students to discover what student life is like at Yamasaki High school and they can participate in many lessons.

The open days begin with a very warm welcome by the Brass Band, and an introduction to the school. Student council members provide information about the history of Yamasaki High School, the different courses available, and all the wonderful special events and club activities they can participate in. Career development is also discussed, providing students insight into future professional paths.

 Then the junior high students can participate in demonstration lessons, in Japanese, English, Mathematics, Science, Education and Social Science.

In addition to lessons from teachers, students of Yamasaki High school’s “Education Course” also took demonstration lessons, teaching English and Mathematics displaying the teaching expertise they have learned. 

Further to the “Academic Course” open days, on the 27th of August, “The Forestry and Home Economics Course” held an open day for students interested in those specialized courses at Yamasaki High School. 

After a very warm welcome and school introduction, the junior high students were able to experience first-hand specialized units of study, provided at Yamasaki High School.

First the students were able to participate in harvesting egg plants, peppers, and other vegetables, and learned about the process of growing vegetables. 

Second the students got to participate in wood-working, and were able to make wooden mask boxes, with help from the wood-working high school students at Yamasaki High School.

Thirdly the junior high students were able to experience cooking, learning to make delicious cup-cakes by watching instruction videos on personal tablets, and with help from the Yamasaki cooking high school students!

The open days at Yamasaki High school, were very interesting and enjoyable, and allowed junior high students a wonderful insight into all the amenities Yamasaki High school provides. We hope to see all the junior high school students again, come next spring.



English Presentation Report

The students of the second grade have been working on an English presentation about foreign countries. At first the students made groups and chose which countries they would like to research. They then did extensive research into the many facets of life in the countries they had chosen. These included such topics as history, famous places, culture, music, food, art, sport, education, plants, and animals etc.

Having done thorough research, the students then developed wonderfully illustrated and detailed PowerPoint presentations expounding upon the many highlights of their chosen countries. Further to this, all the presentations were required to be written and presented in English.

In order to present professionally, the students were individually instructed on correct pronunciation, intonation, and advised on elements of non-verbal communication such as gestures, and eye contact.

All the students had assessment sheets and scored each other’s presentations, using an assessment matrix.

The goal of doing presentations for the students were fourfold.

The first goal was for the students to learn more about foreign cultures.

Secondly we wanted the students to improve their communication skills.

Thirdly we wanted the students to gain some experience in public speaking so that fourthly, it would encourage them to use English more confidently in the future.

Despite the challenge of presenting in English in front of their classmates, all of the students did exceptionally well, and they can be proud of their hard work.




Sports day!

On the 28th of September 2020, Yamasaki High School held their annual sports festival. Because students couldn’t have a cultural festival this year, some of the activities were included in the sports day. The day started with an opening ceremony, parade and raising of the flags. Then the games began!

The first event was the 100 meter and 200 meter sprints, followed by a 4 x 100 meter relay.

Then new for this year was an obstacle race prepared by the student organization of the school.The obstacle race included drinking a fizzy bottle of drink, a sack race, balloon popping, spinning around a baseball bat, egg and spoon race, and a two person wheel barrow race. Participants and spectators thoroughly enjoyed the race!

This was followed by a group jumping rope event, with class 2-4 winning with 84 jumps! An amazing feat! Then to conclude for lunch there was a wonderful dance and singing performance.

After lunch, all the members of the sports clubs at Yamasaki High School changed into their club uniforms and marched in a parade. The students all looked impressive and proud in their colorful uniforms. Then four members of each club participated in a relay race.

Following the club event, everyone was treated to a mesmerizing dance performance. The students performing the dances had such incredible precision and poise, and danced at such a professional level! The talent of students at Yamasaki High School is really outstanding!

Not to be outdone, the second grade students dressed in a wide variety of hilarious costumes and performed a parade, and raced in a very entertaining cosplay race! 

To finish the day’s events, there was a 200 meter relay race, followed by a massive tug of war between the three grades.

After everybody had strained their sinews in battle, it was time for the closing ceremony, which finished a day full of fun and exhilaration!




Opening Ceremony Report

Opening Ceremony Report

The opening ceremony for the second semester was held on Tuesday, August 18th. The ceremony was held in classrooms by using the school’s broadcast system to prevent the spread of the new corona-virus. Principal Takeda gave a speech about the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, and talked about the importance of peace with his experience as a student. The Principal hoped the first and second year students would inherit the attitude of the third year students and continue to work hard for the next year.

Next, Ms. Kanzaki, the school nurse, gave a lecture on measures to prevent the spread of the new corona-virus at the start of the new school year. She talked about the importance of the three basic measures against infection: "cutting off the source of infection," "cutting off the route of infection," and "increasing resistance to the virus”.


On Wednesday the 19th, the first and second graders will be taking an assessment, and from the 19th (Wed.) to the 21st (Fri.), the students will only have classes in the morning. Regular classes will start again from Monday the 24th of August.


Halloween Lesson Report

Halloween Lesson Report.

In  English  communication  classes  with  the  ALT  and  Japanese English teachers,  students  have  been learning about Halloween. The students have learned  about Halloween's origins and how the holiday is celebrated in the present time.

In  the first lesson, students did a listening exercise where they listened for  missing  words  in sentences and filled in blanks on their worksheets. They  then  were introduced to “monster vocabulary”, such as “claws, fangs, tail”  etc.  and  created  original  monsters  which  they described making English  sentences. For example: “It has a long green tail, and sharp fangs and a scary face”.

In  the second lesson the students reviewed English “body parts” words such as,  "arms,  legs,  mouth"  etc,  and  then  enjoyed  playing a fun drawing description game.

In  the  drawing  game  students  made  pairs,  and  one  person  faced the television  screen  and  the other person had their back to the screen. The person who could see the screen described the picture, and the other person drew  a  picture  from their partner's description. They took turns drawing and describing, switching places after each picture.
It  is  a  very  fun game that never fails to create lots of excitement and laughter!


Yamasaki High School Sports Day Report

Last week, Yamasaki High School held Sports Day in a spectacular style and it marked the first one in the Reiwa era under the slogan of "Triumphant Spirits - Flaming in the Sky of the Youth -."  All the students showed their best performances in each competition, attracting many spectators and big applause from their families and local people.  Our ALT, Mr. Philip Wilby, reports what he witnessed at the arena of the young spirits.       

On the 27th of September Yamasaki High School held its annual sports day event. The day’s activities began with a grand opening ceremony; with the school brass playing a grand fanfare as all the students entered the field reminiscent of an Olympic opening ceremony! 


After a rousing speech from Principal Mr. Harada, and the playing of the Japanese national anthem, the students prepared for the first event. The first events were the 100 meter, 200 meter and 800 meter sprinting finals. These were followed by the men’s and women’s 4 by 100 meter relay finals. On the previous day the heats had been run, so on the day of the festival the finals were held.


After these brilliant races, the next event was jump rope!  24 students from each class took part jumping in unison, with class 1-6 achieving the highest number of 62 consecutive jumps!


After Lunch the students from all the different sports clubs at Yamasaki High School, paraded in their splendid uniforms. After that fine display, the women and men’s 4 by 200 meter relay race was held, with a teacher’s male and female team included. From one exciting game to another the students then stiffened the sinews and battled it out in tug of war! The men’s third grade students were unsurprisingly the strongest, but a colossal battle was fought nonetheless.


Finally all the students gathered and enjoyed a relaxing folk dance together, and the trophies and commendations were given in the closing ceremony. Students, family and friends all had a wonderful day, and made many wonderful memories.


Open High School 2019

From Tuesday the 20th through Thursday the 22nd of August Yamasaki High School hosted a three day open school event where junior high school students from the surrounding areas could come and experience classes at our high school.


The students were able to enjoy classes from across the full spectrum of courses available at Yamasaki High School including the Forestry and Environmental Science Department, the Home Economics and Lifestyle Department, and the General Academic Department.


As the ALT at Yamasaki High School I conducted lessons with an excellent and experienced Japanese English Teacher with whom I share a great rapport, and we enjoyed providing the students a glimpse of an English communication class. We started with an introduction activity where the students were shown how to introduce themselves in English. Then they were given a brief display of Australian culture and had the opportunity to sample an iconic Australian food, Vegemite! We then played a classic game, Shiritori, using English words.

The junior high students were very attentive, quickly grasping each task and enjoyed the activities. Their English skill levels are definitely improving thanks in part to the good work Japanese English Teachers and ALTs are doing at junior high schools in the Western Harima area.


In addition to experiencing classes at Yamasaki High School, the junior high students had a tour of the school and were able to see the many different extra-curricular activities on offer here.


As the joint facilitator of the ESS club, we showed the junior high students the types of activities and games we play including the “Game of Life” (人生ゲーム). The game is in the Japanese language, but the ESS members have to explain in English what each square says as they land on it, to help practice their English on a range of everyday topics. It's also lots of fun!


We hope the students enjoyed the open school events, and will choose to further their educational career at Yamasaki High School next spring!

Reported by Philip Wilby, ALT at Yamasaki High School


Semester in Review and Ball Games Day

Today, on July 19th, we held a closing ceremony of the first semester of the very first school year of Reiwa, looking back on what we have experienced during these memorable four months here at Yamasaki Senior High School. Our ALT, Mr. Philip Wilby, now reviews various aspects of our school activities at this very turning point of the Japanese history.  Also, he briefly reports the Ball Games Sports Day which was held on July 12th, when the Yamasaki youngsters showed their wonderful performances at every site of four ball games. Please enjoy our weblog essay with marvelous pictures !    

Semester in review

From the start of semester one,with the cherry blossoms in full array, the semester has been full of engaging and stimulating experiences. Semester one started with the opening ceremony on April 8th when the first grade students were very warmly welcomed to Yamasaki High School.


This was followed a few days later with an exciting display of all the many cultural and sports clubs the first grade students could attend. From activities such as Judo and Kendo, to Flower Arranging and Tea Ceremony, students were spoilt for choice!


Then on the 23rd of April the first grade students got to experience a wonderful orientation trip to Hiroshima where they enjoyed many fun and invigorating activities together,learning about camaraderie and team work. The activities included “Zazen” and row boat clipper racing.


In May the students learned the importance of disaster preparedness, by way of an evacuation drill, and last week the teachers and students were given rescue and first aid training from fire and ambulance emergency services personnel.


On the 5th of June each class participated in a chorus singing competition, and the best classes, 1-4, 1-5, 2-2, 2-5, and 2-6 progressed to the final. On the day of the school’s cultural festival, Class 1-4 took the victory with the best performance and class 1-5 earned an admirable second place.

The biggest event of the semester was the school’s “Yamako-sai” or school cultural festival. Students had spent weeks preparing for the wonderful annual event, both in their classes and in their clubs. There were so many amazing displays,activities and events, which thrilled everybody. Each class had prepared a great performance which was shared in front of all the school, and the third grade students cooked a whole range of delicious food. There were amazing dances,great music, and many people from the community also came and enjoyed the merriment.A truly thrilling time was had by all.


During the Semester students also attended many community events, and participated in a whole range of volunteer activities, such as visiting aged care homes, schools and kindergartens. Also the Home Economics and Lifestyle Department opened a student restaurant where people from the community came and enjoyed delicious meals together!


Ball games sports day

The semester’s activities culminated on Friday the 12th of July, when the students of Yamasaki High School participated in an exhilarating ball game sports day. This time they played a number of ball games instead of the normal track and field sports day that are normally the only sports day held in western schools.

The boys played basketball,softball, and volleyball, and the girls played dodge ball instead of softball.It was a hot, cloudy and humid day, as this time of year is the rainy season. However despite the weather all the students relished the opportunity to spend the day playing the sports they love, and everyone was cheering and having fun playing or watching the games. Each game was arranged into a tournament with volleyball divided into two teams from each class.

In the boy’s volleyball game, the students of 1-1 B almost overcame their senpai's of class 3-3 but alas they couldn’t quite overcome, and had to settle for second place.

In the boys basketball game, class 3-6 took the victory against a strong team from 3-4. And in the softball, class 3-1 took a strong victory over the gallant class of 2-1.

In the boys tournaments it was very difficult for the younger students to overcome the additional strength of the older students. However this was not the case in the girl’s tournaments.

In the girl’s volleyball game, class 2-2 A took a stellar victory over an excellent 3-4 team. In the dodge ball final, class 2-3 won the battle against the girls of 1-6, with class 3-2 finishing in a very respectable third place. And in the girl’s basketball final,a thrilling game was played between 3-2 A and 3-5, which saw 3-2A take a superb victory.


The semester closed on July 19th with a final word of advice and encouragement from the principal and teachers to all the students, to make the most of their summer holidays, in work, rest and play!



School Festival "Yamako-Sai" Held !

     Changing the name of the annual event from "Culture Presentation Day" into "Yamako-Sai (Festival)" for the first time in 25 years, the students tried their best to create new culture of the school by presenting various types of performances in and around the campus on a glorious June Friday. The theme of this year's Culture Festival is, as you can see in the pictures below, "Ichiren-Takusho (We're in the same boat.) The sky's the limit !"  Now, Mr. Philip Wilby reports what he witnessed at the time of the historical transformation of our school.   

School festival morning activities

     On Friday the 14th of June, Yamasaki Senior High School held their annual school festival. It was a wonderful time when the students of the school displayed their talents and exhibited all their wonderful creativity and artistic flair.


     The festival day started with an opening ceremony and all the school gathered in the gymnasium for the first series of performances. Each of the 3rd grade classes had prepared for the event, class 3-1, an all boys' class, performed a very exciting and energetic dance performance that “wowed” the audience!

     Next class 3-2, the all girls' class, performed a beautiful choreographed dance to the song “Kyun” from the Japanese girls group Hinatazaka 46.

     Class 3-3 acted a very funny skit that had everyone laughing, and then performed a very lively dance where Takashima Sensei, the home room teacher of 3-3, made a very grand entrance, cart-wheeling down the center aisle up to the stage. He then danced with the students during the climax of the song.

     Class 3-4 displayed a very entertaining movie and then class 3-5 provided a video that led into their happy and upbeat dance routine. Class 3-6 also started with a video introducing all the class members which then segued into their lyrical chorus.



Singing competition final

     After a short intermission the finalists of the singing competition that was held on the 5th of June, participated in the competitions final. Each class chose a song and performed it together as a chorus. From the preliminary round, the classes which advanced to the final were; 2-2, 1-4, 2-6, 1-5, and 2-5.

     Class 2-2 was the only all female class and they sang the song entitled “Letter to Tomorrow.” They blended their soprano and Alto parts and created a very pleasant harmony.

     Class 1-4 sang the song called “Rain.” Class 2-6 sang the song called “Sakura,” Class 1-5 sang the song called “Yell,” and class 2-5 sang the song entitled “Story.” Apart from 2-2, all of the songs were sung in chorus blending the four chorus sections of soprano, alto, tenor and baritone, and created beautiful melodies which were immensely enjoyed by the audience.

     Although each class sang wonderfully, the judges compared the quality of the harmony, volume, expression and team work, to decide which class would come first and second. Finally after deliberation the judges decided that class 1-4 had most satisfied the judging criteria and had made the finest performance. Classe 1-5 had also made a stellar performance and were rewarded with second place.


Afternoon activities

     After the morning’s performances by the 3rd grade students, and the final of the singing competition, the students were free to enjoy all the wonderful displays that had been prepared. Many families and friends from the community had also attended the morning’s spectacles, and stayed to enjoy all the other activities.

Displays and activities

     In the main building each of the first and second year classes had prepared games in their classrooms like bowling, fishing, or free throw basketball, and made vibrant and merry decorations. It was lots of fun to play all the games and laugh together.

     The culture clubs had also prepared gorgeous displays, such as the Flower Arranging club with beautiful flower displays, the E.S.S. club with a magnificent “Love” sign, and displays on foreign cultures, and the Art club with so many amazing and striking pictures exhibited.

     Students also could listen to beautiful Japanese traditional music from the Koto musical instrument while savoring Japanese tea at the tea ceremony corner, and delight in the beauty of Japanese culture.



Food and drinks

     Outside in the main square of the school, many stalls had been set up with a wide range of foods and drinks on offer.

     The third grade students, in addition to preparing the morning’s entertainment, also prepared delicious food for everyone to enjoy. The range of food was extensive including Japanese food like yakisoba and yakitori, and lots of western style food like pizza, cheese hotdogs, potato fries, baked corn, as well as sweets, such as ice-cream,caramel popcorn, and churros. There were also many tasty soft drinks and the incredibly popular Tapioca drink which has become a firm favorite of young people all over Japan.

     While savoring all the delectable delights, everyone was treated to entertainment from an open air stage.


Open air stage performances

     On the stage, members of the guitar club demonstrated their outstanding abilities by singing and playing many popular songs, and created a bright and energetic atmosphere. Interspersed with the songs were stunning dances performances by female students who had learned dance outside school, in their own time. The girls dancing were magnificent,with brilliant poise, presentation and panache!

     The school festival provided so many fun and exciting activities, delicious food, wonderful displays and excitement. Everyone worked so hard to create so many happy experiences.

     In western schools there aren’t really any comparable events that blend the cultural and entertainment aspects exhibited in Japanese school festivals. It is a wonderfully unique Japanese celebration that would be wonderful to share with people all around the world.



Chorus Competition Held !

Reported by Mr. Philip Wilby, ALT at Yamasaki High School

On the 5th of June all the students of the 1st and 2nd grades at Yamasaki Senior High School participated in a singing competition, which each class singing a song in chorus. This was the preliminary round, and each of the six classes of the 1st grade took turns and sang, and then subsequently each of the six classes of the 2nd grade sang. Though many of students were nervous, they all did their best, and sang many beautiful songs.


The next day the results of the preliminary round was announced, and classes 1-4 and 1-5 of the 1st grade, and 2-2, 2-5, and 2-6 of the second grade were announced to be progressing to the final. As the results were announced over the PA system, cheers from the winning classes could be heard throughout the whole school! The winners will participate in the final on the 14th of June, on the day of the school festival.

Evacuation Drill Held !

The day before yesterday at around two thirty in the afternoon, we had an emergency drill, assuming that a fire broke out at school after a big earthquake occurred. Our ALT, Philip Wilby, now reports the atmosphere of the drill and how the students reacted in the activity.

On the 15th of May, Yamasaki Senior High School conducted an emergency drill and practiced evacuating the school. For the first grade students, who joined the school last month, it was their first opportunity to practice an emergency drill with everybody.

Interestingly, the evacuation alarm is quite different from those used in Australia. In Australia, the evacuation alarm is a distinct siren, with a rising pitch which just constantly repeats. However at Yamasaki Senior High School, the alarm siren is also accompanied with voice instructions, informing people that the siren is an evacuation alarm, and that everyone needs to leave the school buildings. 


All the students evacuated the school in a brisk and well ordered manner, and gathered at the nearby baseball field, and waited on further instructions. Officials from the Hyogo emergency services were in attendance, and gave a brief talk about fire and earthquake evacuation procedures and how best to respond to an emergency. Yamasaki Senior High school conducts regular emergency training to maintain a high level of preparedness, to ensure a rapid and well ordered response in the event of an emergency. This ensures the highest safety for all the students and staff at Yamasaki Senior High School.

Hiroshima Orientation Trip Held !

On April 23 and 24, the 234 first grade students went out for their orientation trip at "Tsuneishi Shimanami Village" in Hiroshima, and they experienced a lot of things to create their great teamwork for their three-year high school days at Yamasaki Senior High School. Our staff writer, Mr.Philip Wilby, here reports how the event was carried out and what the students learned form this opportunity.       

At the beginning of the new school year, first grade students from Yamasaki Senior High School, learn about comradery and team work by going on an overnight orientation training camp in Hiroshima Prefecture. Hiroshima is approximately 3 hours by bus from Yamasaki Senior High School, and the training facility offers an extensive range of facilities for the students to enjoy.


In the morning the students left Yamasaki, and took the bus to the training camp in Hiroshima. There they first got to experience the meditation practice of “Zazen.” From the Zen Buddhist tradition, where the students sit and let their mind rest in calmness. If students chose to, they could also experience “Keisaku,” which is the practice of being struck on the shoulders with a long stick from a monk, to reinvigorate and awaken them.


After relaxing the mind, the students then energized their bodies, participating in drill practice, which helped unify the students, teaching them self discipline. After the exercise the students could relax, enjoying a delicious BBQ together !


The next day the students from each of the six classes were divided in two, to make 12 teams, and they got to experience clipper boat rowing. After practicing, the teams raced, and a team from class 1-1 won the competition !


With all the activities complete, the students returned in the afternoon to Yamasaki, having had a wonderful time !

English Communication Class Report

Three weeks have already passed since the first grade students entered our Yamasaki High School, and they are now starting to explore the world of English Communication classes with our ALT, Mr.Philip Wilby, who has double cultural backgrounds of Britain and Australia. Today, he reports how he organizes his own lessons of English Communication for the new comers.

In the first English communication class for the first grade students, the ALT and the Japanese English teacher introduce themselves to each other, demonstrating to the students how to professionally introduce themselves as they would in a business environment.

The students learn the necessary phrases and practice in pairs introducing themselves to each other, and learn how to shake hands properly.

Next the ALT tells the students about Australia, including the unique Flora and Fauna such as quokkas, wombats and the “Kangaroo Paw” flower.

                     quokka                                              wombat                             "Kangaroo-Paw" flower

Following the presentation about Australia, the students play a game. 
The students make groups of 4, and 1 person is assigned to be the writer and the rest are runners. The runners have to go one at a time to information posters placed around the classroom to find the answers to questions the writers have to complete. The runner goes to a poster, finds the answer to 1 question, then returns to the writer and tells them the answer so they can write it on their question sheet. The first team that answers all the questions correctly wins! It is a fun game that engages the students and helps them read, write, speak and listen in English!

Club Activities' Introduction

The first year students are now spending a very busy week, starting their "High School Years" with other friends and classmates. Our ALT, Mr. Philip Wilby, again observes and reports the special event for the newcomers, "Club Activities' Introduction" held on April 9th at the gymnasium of our school.        

On the 9th of April the first year students of Yamasaki  High School, who had only started school the day before, were treated to a wonderful introduction to all the amazing extra-curricular club activities Yamasaki High School has on offer!

Yamasaki High School offers an amazing 30 different club activities, broadly organized into two main categories; culture, and sports. In the culture category there are 17 different clubs ranging from music clubs like Brass Band, guitar and the Koto instrument, to traditional activities such as tea ceremony and flower arranging. In the sports category students can play popular sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball, but also can participate in activities such as skiing or Kendo!

In the introduction, students were given a short display from representatives of each club, to give them the opportunity to decide which clubs they would like to join. Clubs will have an open week next week, allowing new students to sample each club to help them decide. Many students are members of multiple clubs, and club participation is very high amongst all Yamasaki High School students.


Entrance Ceremony 2019 Held !

Yesterday we celebrated the actual beginning of the new school year 2019 and welcomed 234 fresh students at Yamasaki Senior High School with the strikingly beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom. Our ALT, Mr.Philip Wilby, reports below what he witnessed here at the entrance ceremony for the first time in Japan.     

On Monday the 8th of April, 2019, the new school year began at Yamasaki Senior High School. 2019 is an auspicious year for new beginnings, as Japan enters the new “Reiwa era” as the new Emperor begins his reign. With the magnificent Sakura trees in full bloom, the new students made their entrance into the assembly hall, and were introduced one by one. In attendance this year are 39 new students in the Forestry and Environmental Science department, 40 new students in the Home Economics and Lifestyle department, and 155 new students in the General academic department.


After the national anthem was sung, the principal addressed the students and spoke about living up to the school Motto, of Hope Wisdom and Respect, and making the most of their time at Yamasaki Senior High School through study and club activities.

The ceremony was a very formal occasion, with the principal dressed in a long-tailed formal suit, and reverence was shown to the Japanese flag which was bowed to when each speaker entered the stage. It is quite reminiscent of the traditions and formal ceremonies held in Britain. 

After the school anthem was sung, the students were officially welcomed, and with great fanfare by the school’s marvelous Brass Band, the students left the assembly hall, ready to begin their new scholarly lives at Yamasaki Senior High School !


A Report on Graduation Ceremony

On the 28th of February 2019 Yamasaki Senior High School held their Graduation ceremony. The students of the third grade that had successfully passed all the prerequisites of the school, finally received their diplomas of completion today. 

With many family members and friends in attendance, the ceremony started with wonderful music provided by Yamasaki Senior High School’s accomplished brass band, with the graduating students entering in fine order. The students and attendees were welcomed and each graduating student was individually introduced. The ceremony then proceeded with the upmost formality and respect that Japan is renowned for. The National Anthem and school song were sung, and this was followed by speeches of encouragement, and recognition for all the students had achieved over the three years.

Student representatives both gave speeches recalling many of the highlights of their time at Yamasaki Senior High School, and many students were moved to tears. Although it is a time of celebration, it is also a time of reflection and an acknowledgment that relationships will change as they all follow their individual pursuits in life. Many students will be attending universities and colleges across the country, while others will begin careers in employment, so there was inevitable sadness in parting ways.


10 English Newsletters Appeared !

During the school year of 2018 (April 2018 - March 2019), the English Teachers' Association Nishi Harima Branch published 10 issues of English Newsletter (Volume 3). We started this project in May 2016, and since then we have published 30 issues of this English Newsletter in order to promote communication among ALTs and JTEs in Nishi Harima area. We don't exactly know how many teachers have contributed to our publication activity so far, but we have come to know that many teachers are struggling with their daily teaching practices to improve students' English abilities at their own schools, thereby developing English Education culture in this area.  Please enjoy reading the Volume Three of our Newsletter. Volume 1 and 2, 10 issues each, are carried at the English Page of Kanzaki High School. 

Volume Three (May 2018 - March 2019)
  Issue 1   Issue 2   Issue 3   Issue 4   Issue 5   Issue 6   Issue 7   Issue 8   Issue 9   Issue 10

Volume Two (May 2017 - March 2018)  In an article dated March 26, 2018
Volume One (May 2016 - March 2017)  In an article dated March 31, 2017

Welcome to the English Page!

Thank you very much for visiting our website of Yamasaki High School. We now declare that we will open a new age and page for the development of our school, focusing on the trend for a more globalized and international society. At this English Page and Weblog, we would like to report what is happening at Yamasaki High School in English on a weekly basis (hopefully on a daily basis), especially focusing on the creative activities by the students. Our ALT, Mr.Philip Wilby, and Japanese English teachers are ready to write reports about the various aspects of the school. Of course, I am also looking forward to writing some reports with the introductions of this historical area and a lot of natural beauties. I do hope that all of you will enjoy reading our English website. Thank you.

Hisaaki Harada,
37th Principal of Hyogo Prefectural Yamasaki High School