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English Communication Class Report

Three weeks have already passed since the first grade students entered our Yamasaki High School, and they are now starting to explore the world of English Communication classes with our ALT, Mr.Philip Wilby, who has double cultural backgrounds of Britain and Australia. Today, he reports how he organizes his own lessons of English Communication for the new comers.

In the first English communication class for the first grade students, the ALT and the Japanese English teacher introduce themselves to each other, demonstrating to the students how to professionally introduce themselves as they would in a business environment.

The students learn the necessary phrases and practice in pairs introducing themselves to each other, and learn how to shake hands properly.

Next the ALT tells the students about Australia, including the unique Flora and Fauna such as quokkas, wombats and the “Kangaroo Paw” flower.

                     quokka                                              wombat                             "Kangaroo-Paw" flower

Following the presentation about Australia, the students play a game. 
The students make groups of 4, and 1 person is assigned to be the writer and the rest are runners. The runners have to go one at a time to information posters placed around the classroom to find the answers to questions the writers have to complete. The runner goes to a poster, finds the answer to 1 question, then returns to the writer and tells them the answer so they can write it on their question sheet. The first team that answers all the questions correctly wins! It is a fun game that engages the students and helps them read, write, speak and listen in English!