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Opening Ceremony Report

Opening Ceremony Report

The opening ceremony for the second semester was held on Tuesday, August 18th. The ceremony was held in classrooms by using the school’s broadcast system to prevent the spread of the new corona-virus. Principal Takeda gave a speech about the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, and talked about the importance of peace with his experience as a student. The Principal hoped the first and second year students would inherit the attitude of the third year students and continue to work hard for the next year.

Next, Ms. Kanzaki, the school nurse, gave a lecture on measures to prevent the spread of the new corona-virus at the start of the new school year. She talked about the importance of the three basic measures against infection: "cutting off the source of infection," "cutting off the route of infection," and "increasing resistance to the virus”.


On Wednesday the 19th, the first and second graders will be taking an assessment, and from the 19th (Wed.) to the 21st (Fri.), the students will only have classes in the morning. Regular classes will start again from Monday the 24th of August.