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Evacuation Drill Held !

The day before yesterday at around two thirty in the afternoon, we had an emergency drill, assuming that a fire broke out at school after a big earthquake occurred. Our ALT, Philip Wilby, now reports the atmosphere of the drill and how the students reacted in the activity.

On the 15th of May, Yamasaki Senior High School conducted an emergency drill and practiced evacuating the school. For the first grade students, who joined the school last month, it was their first opportunity to practice an emergency drill with everybody.

Interestingly, the evacuation alarm is quite different from those used in Australia. In Australia, the evacuation alarm is a distinct siren, with a rising pitch which just constantly repeats. However at Yamasaki Senior High School, the alarm siren is also accompanied with voice instructions, informing people that the siren is an evacuation alarm, and that everyone needs to leave the school buildings. 


All the students evacuated the school in a brisk and well ordered manner, and gathered at the nearby baseball field, and waited on further instructions. Officials from the Hyogo emergency services were in attendance, and gave a brief talk about fire and earthquake evacuation procedures and how best to respond to an emergency. Yamasaki Senior High school conducts regular emergency training to maintain a high level of preparedness, to ensure a rapid and well ordered response in the event of an emergency. This ensures the highest safety for all the students and staff at Yamasaki Senior High School.