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Open High School 2019

From Tuesday the 20th through Thursday the 22nd of August Yamasaki High School hosted a three day open school event where junior high school students from the surrounding areas could come and experience classes at our high school.


The students were able to enjoy classes from across the full spectrum of courses available at Yamasaki High School including the Forestry and Environmental Science Department, the Home Economics and Lifestyle Department, and the General Academic Department.


As the ALT at Yamasaki High School I conducted lessons with an excellent and experienced Japanese English Teacher with whom I share a great rapport, and we enjoyed providing the students a glimpse of an English communication class. We started with an introduction activity where the students were shown how to introduce themselves in English. Then they were given a brief display of Australian culture and had the opportunity to sample an iconic Australian food, Vegemite! We then played a classic game, Shiritori, using English words.

The junior high students were very attentive, quickly grasping each task and enjoyed the activities. Their English skill levels are definitely improving thanks in part to the good work Japanese English Teachers and ALTs are doing at junior high schools in the Western Harima area.


In addition to experiencing classes at Yamasaki High School, the junior high students had a tour of the school and were able to see the many different extra-curricular activities on offer here.


As the joint facilitator of the ESS club, we showed the junior high students the types of activities and games we play including the “Game of Life” (人生ゲーム). The game is in the Japanese language, but the ESS members have to explain in English what each square says as they land on it, to help practice their English on a range of everyday topics. It's also lots of fun!


We hope the students enjoyed the open school events, and will choose to further their educational career at Yamasaki High School next spring!

Reported by Philip Wilby, ALT at Yamasaki High School