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Entrance Ceremony 2019 Held !

Yesterday we celebrated the actual beginning of the new school year 2019 and welcomed 234 fresh students at Yamasaki Senior High School with the strikingly beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom. Our ALT, Mr.Philip Wilby, reports below what he witnessed here at the entrance ceremony for the first time in Japan.     

On Monday the 8th of April, 2019, the new school year began at Yamasaki Senior High School. 2019 is an auspicious year for new beginnings, as Japan enters the new “Reiwa era” as the new Emperor begins his reign. With the magnificent Sakura trees in full bloom, the new students made their entrance into the assembly hall, and were introduced one by one. In attendance this year are 39 new students in the Forestry and Environmental Science department, 40 new students in the Home Economics and Lifestyle department, and 155 new students in the General academic department.


After the national anthem was sung, the principal addressed the students and spoke about living up to the school Motto, of Hope Wisdom and Respect, and making the most of their time at Yamasaki Senior High School through study and club activities.

The ceremony was a very formal occasion, with the principal dressed in a long-tailed formal suit, and reverence was shown to the Japanese flag which was bowed to when each speaker entered the stage. It is quite reminiscent of the traditions and formal ceremonies held in Britain. 

After the school anthem was sung, the students were officially welcomed, and with great fanfare by the school’s marvelous Brass Band, the students left the assembly hall, ready to begin their new scholarly lives at Yamasaki Senior High School !