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Yamasaki High School Sports Day Report

Last week, Yamasaki High School held Sports Day in a spectacular style and it marked the first one in the Reiwa era under the slogan of "Triumphant Spirits - Flaming in the Sky of the Youth -."  All the students showed their best performances in each competition, attracting many spectators and big applause from their families and local people.  Our ALT, Mr. Philip Wilby, reports what he witnessed at the arena of the young spirits.       

On the 27th of September Yamasaki High School held its annual sports day event. The day’s activities began with a grand opening ceremony; with the school brass playing a grand fanfare as all the students entered the field reminiscent of an Olympic opening ceremony! 


After a rousing speech from Principal Mr. Harada, and the playing of the Japanese national anthem, the students prepared for the first event. The first events were the 100 meter, 200 meter and 800 meter sprinting finals. These were followed by the men’s and women’s 4 by 100 meter relay finals. On the previous day the heats had been run, so on the day of the festival the finals were held.


After these brilliant races, the next event was jump rope!  24 students from each class took part jumping in unison, with class 1-6 achieving the highest number of 62 consecutive jumps!


After Lunch the students from all the different sports clubs at Yamasaki High School, paraded in their splendid uniforms. After that fine display, the women and men’s 4 by 200 meter relay race was held, with a teacher’s male and female team included. From one exciting game to another the students then stiffened the sinews and battled it out in tug of war! The men’s third grade students were unsurprisingly the strongest, but a colossal battle was fought nonetheless.


Finally all the students gathered and enjoyed a relaxing folk dance together, and the trophies and commendations were given in the closing ceremony. Students, family and friends all had a wonderful day, and made many wonderful memories.