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Club Activities' Introduction

The first year students are now spending a very busy week, starting their "High School Years" with other friends and classmates. Our ALT, Mr. Philip Wilby, again observes and reports the special event for the newcomers, "Club Activities' Introduction" held on April 9th at the gymnasium of our school.        

On the 9th of April the first year students of Yamasaki  High School, who had only started school the day before, were treated to a wonderful introduction to all the amazing extra-curricular club activities Yamasaki High School has on offer!

Yamasaki High School offers an amazing 30 different club activities, broadly organized into two main categories; culture, and sports. In the culture category there are 17 different clubs ranging from music clubs like Brass Band, guitar and the Koto instrument, to traditional activities such as tea ceremony and flower arranging. In the sports category students can play popular sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball, but also can participate in activities such as skiing or Kendo!

In the introduction, students were given a short display from representatives of each club, to give them the opportunity to decide which clubs they would like to join. Clubs will have an open week next week, allowing new students to sample each club to help them decide. Many students are members of multiple clubs, and club participation is very high amongst all Yamasaki High School students.