School Mottos


School Mottos

Hyogo Senior High School has 4 school mottos that the students are encouraged to follow. Those are:

school mottos



(1) Simplicity:

Students should make a conscious effort to wear appropriate school attire, meaning that the clothes should be kept simple and basic, nothing too gaudy, to maintain equality among students. Following this ideal of simplicity, in every school activity, helps students to steadily grasp the concept of humility.



(2) Sturdiness:

Students must have the courage and determination to follow their own beliefs and ideas, making sure that it does not lead to becoming stubborn nor conceited.



(3) Prudence:

Students are expected not to be influenced by the current, popular trends of society but to maintain their integrity despite such pressures. Every student is expected to be modest and never arrogant, nor mean, in every school activity.



(4) Autonomy:

As students are given more autonomy in high school, this should never lead to arrogance nor conceitedness but rather to a more modest school life. Students should remember that, even though they may have more freedom, they should never ignore any advice that is given to them.

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