Super Global High School Program

Global Super High School Program

Hyogo High School is designated as SGH: Super Global High School by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.  The SGH project started in 2014, in order to educate global leaders who can be active internationally, motivating students to foster interest in social issues, communication skills and problem-solving ability.  Based on this project, students have been and will be engaged in research activities through assignments on global social issues and business, and study tours in Japan and overseas, in corporation with universities in Japan and in other countries, private companies, and international organizations. Our object is to foster the following four abilities necessary for “creators of future”

・“Scientific thought” in order to understand and justify the result of cutting-edge technology
・“Multifaceted thought” in order to view issues with international outlook and from different points of view
・“Social creativity” such as ambition to contribute to the society, abilities to build relationship of trust and to plan and take actions.
・“Autonomy and vigor” to work positively on anything and design his/her own career

[SGH Project at Hyogo High School]

SGH curriculum is mainly for the students of original course “Creative Science” but those students of general course who are interested in SGH curriculum also have opportunities to join by taking optional class called “Global Research.”  In Creative Science and Global Research classes, students work on assignments they select by themselves in such fields as local or global social issues and natural science.

1  Creative Science and RRE for first grade students

[Basic Creative Science A]

Students work on “local, national and global” social issues, with a lot of opportunities for discussions and presentations.

[RRE (Research and Report in English)]

We provide students with opportunities to read documents, prepare reports, and give presentation in English and participate in workshops with students from other countries in order to improve their commands of English, fostering ambition to contribute to the international society.

[Basic Creative Science B]

Students dedicate themselves in group study, focusing on various issues in both fields of social and natural science. We put emphasis on fieldwork, experiments and practice, and discussions and presentations.

2  Applied creative Science for second and third grade students

Students work on arts-science-integrated themes: “Sustainable City and Environment,” “Globalization and New Industrial Model,” “Health and Environment Risk Management,” and “Reception of Foreigners and Globalization of Japan”, giving later presentations at big-scale events outside school.


[Study tour to Tokyo]

We organize a study tour to Tokyo.  Participating students visit international and governmental organizations, universities and laboratories, and private companies, such as UNHCR, Asian Development Bank, the Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo, the Institute of Developing Economies, the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Nikken Sekkei Research Institute, Marubeni, Toshiba, Kao, Ajinomoto, and so on.

[Study tour to Vietnam]

We organize a study tour to Vietnam during summer vacation.  Students visit such places as Hon Gai high school, Thai Binh Medical University, and Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy in order to have joint study and cultural exchange experience.  They also visit ODA sites and JICA office there to learn more about development assistance.  Moreover, they participate in the afforestation project to improve Ha Long Bay environment.  

[International exchange]

We have been in the sister school alliance with Songjian No.2 Senior High School in Shanghai since 2000, visiting each other every year in turn to have interchange experience.  Every other year, about 20 students of our school visit there to experience school visit, cultural exchange, home stay and tourism. 

[EU mini-symposium]

With the corporation the Delegation of the European Union in Japan, we celebrate EU symposium.  Students learn about themes such as commercial, food safe, or immigration policies of the European Union.

[Other SGH efforts]

Students participate in various competitions and contests related with international studies.  Some of them have won a prize in events such Model United Nations Security Council Competition held by University of Kobe and International Public Policy Conference held by University of Osaka.

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