Hyogo High School was established in 1948 but can trace its history back further to the time when Hyogo Prefectural Kobe No. 2 Middle School (secondary school for men under the old educational system) was founded.

 Through the post-war educational reform, Hyogo Prefectural Kobe No. 2 Middle School was merged with Prefectural Kobe No. 4 Women’s School of Higher Education (secondary school for women under the old educational system), which was established in 1942 and also well-known nationally, becoming the actual Hyogo High School. More than 30,000 students have graduated from our school counting those from the above mentioned two schools of the pre-war area. Many of them have been active in various fields. Especially, it should be noted that many are also notable in art and music.

 The first Principal of No.2 Middle School, Kumeichi Tsuruzaki, established the educational policies based on four spirits: Simplicity, Virility, Modesty, and Autonomy.  These spirits are called “Four Creeds” and still fundamental policies of our school.
Just after the establishment of No.2 Middle School, 150 eucalyptus trees were planted around the school yard. The trees from Australia grew quickly, exceeding the height of school building’s roof, and reaching 30 meters. The all-year-around light-green leafy trees, soaring to the sky, were spectacular, resulting in becoming the symbol of our school. The students of that period would study, train themselves mentally and physically, and develop their friendship under the eucalyptus trees which suit the traditions of our school. Thus, the eucalyptus trees are always mentioned in our school song, student council’s song, fight songs, and yells. Also, the school badge was designed combining leaves and fruits of the eucalyptus tree. The trees of that period cannot be seen now, but young plants were planted in 1976. These trees have been growing around the school.

 During more than 100 years since the establishment, even though time has passed and the educational system has changed, the spirits: “Simplicity, Virility, Modesty, and Autonomy. Live up to these with sincerity” have been handed down from generation to generation. We have been keeping tradition and passion to live a voluntary high school life, eliminating vanity, trying to improve the essence, and aiming to be enterprising, of wide views, warm person.

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