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Welcome to Himeji Shikisai Senior High School!


Himeji Shikisai High School was founded on 1st April, 1985.



Educational Policy


Himeji Shikisai High School aims to cultivate our students’ minds with our motto “self-discipline, co-operation and creativity”.  We believe our students have intelligence, strong bodies and a strong will to succeed at everything they do.


Educational Goal


We have set high educational goals for our students.  In doing so, we endeavour to encourage our students to be all that they can be with our supplementary mottos of “Be Ladies and Gentlemen.” 


We cherish these three fundamental ideals and facilitate them into improving our academic achievements and push our students to actively participate in their studies, their extra-curricular activities and in their communities, with self-confidence and a strong heart.


We aspire to be a well sought after school that is involved with our students, their families and our local community.  Himeji Shikisai High School also holds school events and runs club activities to promote the development of our students’ spirits and their humanitarian side.



Specialist Study Courses


Our school has been active in expanding the educational possibilities for our students.  Since our foundation, we have become one of only a few schools in Hyogo who have implemented specialist study courses.  Himeji Shikisai High School offers the following two courses:


Global Communication Course (GCC)

This course promotes communication, co-operation, and multiculturalism and encourages international and cultural understanding. 

The course focuses on English language education and lessons are facilitated by Japanese Teachers of English and two Assistant Language Teachers from foreign countries (currently the United Kingdom and Australia).

Students have the opportunity to learn debating skills, learn how to effectively express their opinions, discuss global issues in today’s ever-changing society, and to generally prepare them to contribute to the global community in the future. 

Shikisai High School also holds an annual Global Meeting in which international members of our community come together to share their cultural backgrounds and interact with Himeji Shikisai High School students. 


Science Survey Course (SSC)

This course offers various opportunities to take more interest in sciences and learn basic skills to exercise in depth.  With the cooperation of universities and various facilities, we promote unique studies in small sized groups and keep up-to-date with modern science and what is going on at the universities which are not found in this area.

1st year students have a field trip to Nishi Harima Planetarium and factories in the Harima area.  2nd year students go to the University of Hyogo, where they experience some experiments with the support of the professors.










1st April, 1986

First admitted to Himeji Shikisai High School for English and Math lessons, and the Science Survey Course


8th January, 1991

Sister school relationship established with Kelmscott Senior High School in Perth, Western Australia.  In July, Shikisai students visited Kelmscott Senior High School.


1st April, 2003

English “Global Communication Course” and “Science Survey Course” was established.



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